• PacHosting launched 24X7 Live Chat Support to provide rapid response to assist in critical and real time technical incident.


  • PacHosting introduced new Dedicated Server service to improve its overall functionality with 15Mbps dedicated international bandwidth, real-time IPMI console access and custom ISO installation.
  • PacHosting introduced new SSD Web Hosting service with 1-click install application function and complimentary SSL certificate.
  • PacHosting has partner with SmarterTools Inc. to launch Dedicated Mail Server with dedicated compute and hardware to provide feature rich email service and fast mail transport.
  • PacHosting upgraded to 6Gbps International bandwidth pipeline, plus 2.75Gbps direct peering to China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. Click here for more information.
  • PacHosting announced the launching of Plesk Onyx on their Cloud Servers, CloudNet and Dedicated Server. Plesk Onyx can simplify server management tasks to all end user, developer, back-end admin, across all devices.
  • PacHosting launched Hosted Exchange 2016 to improve its overall usability with the all new Outlook® on the Web webmail client, and introduced MAPI over HTTPS protocol to enhance mail transport security and stability.


  • PacHosting launched Email Archiving, which automatically makes a copy of incoming and outgoing emails to separate archiving server to safeguard for email compliance. Order Email Archiving now as add-on service for your existing Email Hosting.
  • PacHosting introduced Smart D-Server as an addition to the Dedicated Server offering. The new dedicated server series integrate cloud storage scalability with flexible monthly payment.
  • PacHosting launched Singapore Data Center’s Cloud Servers Service Plans on Hong Kong Website. Visit to find out more.
  • PacHosting Offered OS Extension for Preconfigured LAMP, Fedora and Vyatta OS Templates.
  • PacHosting launched new CloudNet service to support SAS / SSD disk.
  • PacHosting upgraded our bandwidth capacity to 2Gbps Mainland and 5Gbps international bandwidth.
  • PacHosting launched mobile site version optimised for smartphones and tablets. The mobile site is available at
  • PacHosting introduced performance hosting platform, SSD Application Hosting, to deliver developer friendly platform service.
  • PacHosting launched Private Cloud, designed for engaging workload-centric tasks under private environment for dedicated privacy. Easy migration paths available for VMware and Hyper-V on-premise virtualization.
  • PacHosting launched Metro Ethernet to enhance Private Network section, by providing efficient and reliable data transmission through Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint solution with private network communication.
  • PacHosting launched Dedicated Firewall as an addition to Private Network section, by configuring and deploying network security faster with real-time network activity monitoring.
  • PacHosting Introduced Virtual Datacenter with Private IP Networking.
  • PacHosting has partnered with Acronis to introduce Offsite Backup Solution to Hong Kong.
  • PacHosting has partnered with Jelastic, Inc. to introduce Pay-as-you-go Jelastic Cloud to Hong Kong.


  • PacHosting launched Dynamic Dedicated Cloud as the ultimate solution to offers all round performance: high availability, reliability, flexibility, scalability, affordability, storage security and data integrity.
  • PacHosting launched Bare Metal Cloud which will vastly improve efficient utilization of cloud and dedicated resources.
  • PacHosting announced the launching of Cloud Block Storage Solution, allowing customers to enjoy having fast, offsite cloud storage ready for meeting data privacy and storage scalability requirements.
  • PacHosting announced the launch of a new brand identity, positioning as a “Platform Aggregated Cloud” provider with defining a brand new business direction in aggregating cloud flexibility in a wider range of service platforms.
  • PacHosting approved as Government Public Cloud Service (GPCS) Providers in Hong Kong for Cloud IT Services and Business Applications by The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO).
  • PacHosting celebrates its 12th Anniversary by offering up to 20Mbps free dedicated international bandwidth to all of the Cloud Servers new customers.
  • PacHosting announced the launching of Parallels Plesk 12 on their Cloud Servers, CloudNet, Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server. Plesk 12 will deliver customers a new level of enhanced security and deep integration with WordPress.
  • PacHosting announced expanding service scope to launch Managed Service for Cloud Servers and CloudNet, allowing clients to lessen the significant workload on server management and to focus on business development.
  • PacHosting upgraded network infrastructure with 1Gbps China Express Route and 2.5Gbps enhanced international bandwidth, to optimize global connection speed and lower network latency in Mainland China.
  • PacHosting participated in HKTDC Entrepreneur Day 2014, which was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 2nd to 3rd May, to introduce our latest IT service offerings to the visitors.
  • PacHosting launches WordPress SSD Hosting to provide multi-WordPress sites hosting with one-click application update in SSD optimized environment.
  • PacHosting has expanded to the third data center and launched a significant upgrade to 6Gbps shared Hong Kong local bandwidth with 1.6Gbps Mainland China and international bandwidth to optimize network speed and stability.
  • PacHosting launched Hosted Exchange 2013, brings a new set of technologies, features, and services to the Exchange Server product line.
  • PacHosting today announced its adoption of Parallels Cloud Server, a new cutting edge commercial graded hypervisor to deliver a high availability virtualized environment for Cloud Servers and CloudNet.


  • PacHosting participated in HKTDC World SME Expo 2013, which was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 5th to 7th Dec, to introduce the latest IT service offerings to the SMEs in Hong Kong.
  • PaHosting has upgraded the network infrastructure to 4000Mbps Hong Kong local shared bandwidth combining 600Mbps International and Mainland shared bandwidth to provide customers with ultra-fast and reliable service.
  • PacHosting applied SSD Accelerated Caching on Cloud Servers, Email Hosting and Cloud Web Hosting, providing customers with an excellent user experience with accelerated response time.
  • PacHosting launched a total new server solution, Dedicated Virtual Center, streamlining multiple virtual server provision and management on a single dedicated physical server.
  • PacHosting becomes the very first of few CloudFlare partner in Asia Pacific to launch CloudFlare CDN, delivering advanced performance and security optimization service on a global content delivery network.


  • PacHosting launched a ready-to-go application cloud solution — Cloud Apps Hosting to cover service scope in high demand application solution.
  • PacHosting announced that the highly acclaimed cPanel is now supported on CloudNet and Cloud Servers, delivering an enriched user experience for all the customers.
  • PacHosting launched the all-in-one collaboration platform powered by Microsoft - SharePoint 2010, providing a web-based platform that allows documents and calendar sharing in a more efficient way.
  • PacHosting launched the complete new communication tool powered by Microsoft - Hosted Lync 2010, which provides customers with hosted face-to-face communication experience.
  • PacHosting launched the all-new cloud service platform - CloudNet, and extends our service scope to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) level.


  • PacHosting launched Database and File Backup Solutions - Server Backup and Biz Backup, as a service for client to retain their valuable data and file via user-friendly software and web platform.
  • PacHosting launched enhanced Web Design service - Product Showroom, providing a number of product display function including Product Category, Enquiry and Promotion Product Display pane which allows our clients to display the products systematically.


  • PacHosting launched a one-stop Web Design service - SiteMaker. Providing our clients with most convenient and all round Web Design solutions, PacHosting gain a plenty of good comments regarding it's the professional web-designer's works.
  • PacHosting proudly launched the latest technology - Cloud server. Providing High Availability and Scalability cloud server with advance FortiNet FortiGate Firewall as well as Cisco network equipment which gain positive media coverage.
  • PacHosting committed to enhance the network configuration for our clients, the introduction of the PacHosting ReadyNet with backbone redundant network, 2 x 1000Mb dedicated local bandwidth straight into HKIX by fiber optics network, allowing customers to experience ultra-fast, secure and reliable high-quality network services.
  • PacHosting launched Semi Dedicated Server which shared only by small amount of customers, allowing customers to run more traffic and resource intensive websites as well as more complex scripts and applications with the same benefits of a dedicated server.
  • PacHosting launched Hosted Exchange 2010 to achieve new levels of reliability and performance with features by latest Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.


  • PacHosting boost up the performance of Hyper-V Windows 2008 VPS by the latest version of Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • PacHosting takes the lead in providing Hosted Office Communications Server 2007 service by Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2, offering instant messaging and video conferencing service for your business.
  • PacHosting switched on a significant upgrade option to its email service, launches Advanced Anti Spam Firewall to provide a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solution to eliminating spam and viruses for customers.


  • PacHosting becomes the first hosting company to provide Hyper-V Windows 2008 VDS service in Hong Kong.
  • PacHosting launched BlackBerry for Exchange Business Solutions in Hong Kong, which is an ultimate enterprise business information and communication solutions.
  • PacHosting becomes a BlackBerry Alliance partner.
  • PacHosting becomes the first hosting company to provide Windows Server 2008 Web Hosting, VDS and Dedicated Server service in Hong Kong.
  • PacHosting certified as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.


  • PacHosting certified as Microsoft Small Business Specialist.
  • PacHosting announced Windows Server 2008 Beta Free Web Hosting.
  • PacHosting launch Dedicated Exchange 2007 Server service which provide a customized and managed Exchange server solution for customers.
  • PacHosting expands Hosted Exchange 2007 Service offering with 10GB Jumbo Mailbox.
  • First Company to launch Hosted Exchange 2007 Service in Asia.
  • PacHosting launches Smart EmaiLink Service to solve common instability issues of email users in Mainland China.
  • Receives Caring Company award from HKCSS.



  • PacHosting expands office and data center to cater the rapid business growth.


  • First company to launch Windows VDS Hosting Service in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
  • Recognized by HKDNR (Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company) as a Service Partner.


  • Launches E-shop Hosting service - a flexible solution for merchants to sell their products online.
  • First Company to launch Linux VDS Hosting Service in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
  • Attains SWSoft Gold Partner status.